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Cam (she/her) is a wordsmith with a penchant for curating Spotify playlists. She calls both Singapore and London home, but let's face it: she mostly lives on the internet. When she's not on some sonic adventure (not the video game), she's probably getting distracted by TikTok.

She currently logs hours as Content Editor at UK-based visual storytelling platform Newsroom AI. Previously, she was City Life Writer at Time Out Singapore where she spearheaded the music, nightlife, film and things to do sections. She has also contributed to Time Out Global, London and Hong Kong.


Besides her day job, she still does a bit of writing for Time Out as well as RICE, The Luna Collective, and Reclamation Magazine. Her work has also been featured in Her WorldMetroPaste Magazine, Gal-Dem, Bad Form, Bloom, Honeycombers, Empire, The Debrief, and more.


Her poem Downer Days: A crying playlist was featured on billboards across the UK as part of POCC’s Artist-in-Residence takeover with Clear Channel for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021.

She has also been profiled by Asians In Britain and the Femtech Association of Asia (FAA).

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